Yearning for my younger self

– Yearning for my younger self –

I found myself at lost and found lately, yearning for my younger self.
For the young woman who trusted,
that life would catch her,
no matter what.
Who knew she was a force of life,
because she felt the energy rage,
through her veins.

Who made joy her priority,
loved to run through the woods
and at night, howled at the moon.

Who made from honesty, rawness and her rebellion her powerful lifework
never thought any event, or choice, or feeling
was weird.

Because it is all human
And human we are all.

Who knew how to love,
how to fight,
and how to set herself free.
How to see her body as her home and knew how to move it,
for her own pleasure and yours.
To enjoy.

And she knew how to let herself go completely.
In lust
In love
In joy
And happiness
In trust
In life… I stared at my eyes in the mirror and found that young woman again in the depth of my heart.
And I realized I had never lost her,
she had always been in me
Because I was her and she…
She was me.

Words by: © Bianca Wieman | Fearlessly Authentic
Picture: Oliver Sjöström

Bianca Wieman