Listen to your inner nature

– Listen to your inner nature –

When something’s bothering you,
and you worry.
If you have to make a decision,
and it comes down to a choice.
When you feel stressed.
or sad…
Then you can find the answer or solution
with your head,
your mind, and intellect…
But have you ever tried to go into nature,
all by yourself?

To search for a nice quiet piece of nature in your neighborhood?
Go into a park or forest.
To walk, calmly, not too rushed …
And then consciously
listen to the birds singing
The rustling of the wind through the leaves
And to look at the clouds,
the trees and plants around you,
to smell the flowers.
And see the blueberries grow

You will notice that the problem becomes less severe,
less present.
And that your body, your feelings,
your heart and intuition
Give you signals.
That’s what they did all along.
But you didn’t hear them …
But when you become quiet and listen,
then you can hear the whispers.
Your Answer.

Words by: © Bianca Wieman | Fearlessly Authentic
Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash


Bianca Wieman